Dinner Theatre

Being Patsy and Hank....

Dinner Theatre:

On Thursday May 25, 2017  enjoy a delicious meal at the Auberge Bromont (just down the from the Château) and be entertained by Patsy Cline and Hank Williams A.K.A. Laura Teasdale and Ralph Steiner.

Path Productions presents Being Hank & Patsy, a musical memoire by Laura Teasdale, starring Ralph Steiner and Laura Teasdale.

In this true story, two actors coincidentally embark on parallel journeys that challenge them to play the roles of Country Music’s most iconic heroes, Hank Williams and Patsy Cline. Fate makes their paths cross and they fall in love with their altar egos and then in (and out) of love with each other. The stories of Hank and Patsy are revealed through the eyes of two passionate actors learning to portray them. The classic Hank & Patsy tunes that they love so dearly are mingled in this show with personal favourites that come out of “Ralph & Laura’s” true story. We glimpse their lives on stage as Hank & Patsy, but also the musical romance that blossomed off stage at campfire jams and concert gigs. The show is funny, personal and touching as the true stories of the legends intertwine with the story of their rocky relationship. Above all, this memoire is a testament to the power of great music to bring people together and tear their hearts apart.

Laura Teasdale is a playwright actor and musician who wrote and performed Honky Tonk Blue, The Night Patsy Met Hank. She has starred in two productions of Always, Patsy Cline and has been singing as Patsy Cline for 16 years.

Ralph Steiner is a musician, actor and carpenter who played Hank in Honky Tonk Blue, The Night Patsy Met Hank. He has starred in two productions of Hank Williams…The Show He Never Gave and has been singing as Hank Williams for 15 years.